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Eckles Paving has been the leader of Utah for all paving services.  They have been there for decades and have all the expertise for any of your jobs.  As the leading Utah paving experts you are sure to get the most out of your new project or remodel.  Eckles Paving can handle any project whether big or small.  They can even help you with street sweeping and a lot of other maintenance related issues.  One thing that a lot of home owners and even business owners forget is that by doing the proper maintenance you can make your concrete last much longer than normal.  This can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your surface.  

One of our best products is our Park City Sealcoat.  It is used to the harsh conditions in Park City, Utah.  This has allowed us to use it all over the state.  This gives us the knowledge that is needed to complete your project and give it the proper attention it needs.  We recommend the seal coating service with almost everything we do.  It will help your concrete or asphalt as it expands and contracts in the winter and summer months.  This year the Utah Department of Transportation had a lot of problems with the concrete cracking.  It was getting too hot in the day which was causing the concrete along I-15 to expand.  In some cases it was causing buckling all along the freeway.  There had to be crews called out for emergency maintenance.  This caused problems for traffic north bound and south bound in Salt Lake Count and also in Utah County.

If you want your surface to last a long time there are several things you can do.  The first thing is to call a specialist like Eckles Paving.  They have their roots here in Utah and will be able to handle any and all of your concerns.  Their experts can explain everything you need to know before, during and after your project.  One of our recent Salt Lake City paving projects required the utmost skill to complete.  With years of experience it came off without a hitch.  

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