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Utah Concrete

Now is a great time to look into repairing your concrete.  After the long winter that we just went through here in Utah it is a good time to analyze your concrete and see what kind of repairs need to be made.  Whether you are looking to improve the look of your business or if you are looking to fix the driveway at your home Eckles Paving is the right company to choose.  Eckles Paving are the leaders in Utah for all things concrete and asphalt.  As a leading Utah paving company you are sure to get the best service.

There are so many different ways you can use concrete now a days.  Many people are finding that you can even use concrete in your house.  There are new stained concrete counter tops.  This can give you a very exotic look without the cost of rare stones.  You can mix brick to make your stained concrete stand out.  You can use it in your driveway or in your back patio.  Here is one example from Eckles Paving of a back patio that is using a brick concrete design.

Utah Concrete Patio

As you can see from this picture the traditional concrete is surrounding a brick concrete design.  The brick in this is covered with a Utah sealcoat that is designed to last through the long winters and hot summers.  This will keep it from cracking or fading over time.  Another example of Eckles Paving expertise in concrete is shown here.  

Utah Concrete Driveway

This is your traditional Utah driveway.  It has been poured using top grade concrete materials.  The materials used in your driveway is very important.  In climates that consistently see snow throughout the winter you will have extra wear and tear on your concrete surface.  If you don’t take proper care of your concrete it will break down and lose the top surface level before it should.  When it snows you should always shovel the snow before driving on it.  If you drive on it with snow on it the snow will be compressed which will cause the surface of your concrete to be compromised.  

A lot of people in Utah like to refinish their concrete in the spring time.  This is a good idea because the temperatures won’t be freezing too often and there aren’t extremely hot temperatures either.  So the concrete will have time to settle and stand up against the test of time.  


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