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If you have been waiting to do your asphalt or concrete job because of the weather here in Utah you don’t need to wait any longer.  The 5 day forecast has the temperatures reaching 90 degrees for Mothers Day.  If you are looking for the concrete Utah leaders you don’t need to look any further.  Eckles Paving is the leader all over Utah for both residential or commercial concrete projects.  If you business could use a face lift to attract more customers give us a call.  We have a new Salt Lake location and can have someone out soon to bid your project.  As you can see from the image below you can totally change the look of  your home with a concrete repair or upgrade.  This can make the look and feel of your home change for the better.  

Utah Concrete

If you have a business and are ready to fix the asphalt then you need to give us a call.  We have a new location in Salt Lake City, Utah so if you have a Salt Lake asphalt repair project give us a call and we will be able to give you a bid and a time frame for your project.  We can be reached during normal business hours and if you leave a message we will call you back.  Here is a nice example of  a local bank that needed to repair the asphalt surface.  From what it looked like before this is a major transformation. 

When you call us ask us about our second to none seal coating service.  this will make the work we do last longer and look better.  With the temperatures heating up it is crucial for you to protect your surface.  Our Park City Sealcoat is top notch.  It will keep your parking lot looking new a lot longer.  If you have a run down parking lot you are begging your customers to stay away.  No business can grow that way.  

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