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Summer Asphalt Repair

Yesterday in Salt Lake County a main section of Interstate 15 buckled.  Around 138000 South in Draper the HOV lane buckled due to the heat and old construction.  The Utah Department of Transportation was on the scene to fix the problem.  I-15 was reduced to two lanes while the repair is getting fixed.  This caused a lot of traffic problems for people going South.  It was repaired in several hours.  The delays were probably the worse part.  

The cause of this was the heat.  When the temperatures hit near record highs it caused the concrete to expand.  It is common for concrete to expand but it happened at such a rapid pace that it caused the road to buckle.  No accidents were reported due to the buckling concrete.  The concrete that was affected was the oldest concrete along I-15 in Utah.  It hasn’t been replaced since it was originally poured nearly 50 years ago.  

UDOT crews were able to go in and cut the bad concrete out.  Then they are going to pour new concrete to replace the old worn concrete.  If you have a business and see this happening give Eckles Paving a call right away.  With their seal coating service you will be able to have a longer lasting surface.  If you have very old concrete you will be more likely to have a problem with the temperatures fluctuating like they have.  

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