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Asphalt Versus Concrete in Utah

Many out there have often wondered what the advantages of asphalt are over concrete in Utah.  The climate in Utah is one that can be very extreme depending on the time of the year.  In the winter you can have weeks in a row where the temperatures don’t reach freezing.  In the summer there are weeks in a row where the high temperature of the day is in the triple digits.  The temperatures can rise and fall very quickly with a storm coming in.  All these factors will make your decision on whether to have asphalt or concrete more complicated.  

A lot of the things you need to keep in mind when you are considering between the two is what type of surface you are going to replacing or installing for the first time.  If you notice in Utah County and Salt Lake County the freeways are all made out of concrete.  When you get down towards the bottom of Utah County and Santaquin, Utah the freeways go to two or three lanes and they are made out of asphalt.  Also in residential areas you will see that asphalt and concrete can mix quite well.  Here is a picture of just that combination.  This was a residential house that had a long driveway in the mountains.  The asphalt was much easier to use for most of the job but concrete is better to use once it gets closer to the home because it is more solid and connects nicely with the structures foundation.

asphalt driveway with asphalt curbing

If you are having a hard time deciding between the two the best thing to do is contact a Utah concrete and asphalt company like Eckles Paving.  With decades of experience you will get the best insight into what is going to be the best for you.  If you don’t know your options it is going to be harder to make the best decision for your next project.  A lot of times the terrain will determine what is going to work the best.  For example a Park City asphalt project will be much different than a Saint George asphalt project.   The temperatures and terrain are much different in the two areas.  Park City is at a much higher elevation.  Saint George is much dryer and gets a lot less precipitation throughout the year.  In Park City most of it is in the form of snowfall while Saint George rarely gets snow in a given year.  When you choose to work with Eckles Paving you will get the knowledge and experience that will make you happy with your project for years to come.  In the next few blogs we will talk about the difference of asphalt and concrete in Utah.  


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