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Utah Asphalt

Asphalt is a very useful material which can be found in most crude petroleum and in some natural deposits. The use of asphalt dates back to thousands of years ago. While many people commonly associate asphalt with construction, its properties proved it was beneficial for waterproofing, binding, cementing, and even embalming among other purposes in ancient times.

Today asphalt is primarily used in the construction of roads, parking lots, airports, and in a variety of other construction projects. In the state of Utah it is more properly referred to as asphalt concrete, but many people simply refer to it as asphalt. Asphalt concrete is a mixture of asphalt and mineral aggregates, laid down in layers and compacted for a level surface. It is preferred in paving roads because it is a cost effective and durable material.


In Utah asphalt concrete is not only used for paving roads and parking lots, but it is also utilized for residential purposes. It is typically used for driveways which require a more resistant and durable paving compared to other pavements. Paving with asphalt is an excellent choice because it also allows for braking efficiency, less tire wear, and less noise.


To ensure the long use of Utah asphalt pavements, it is necessary to ensure proper installation and maintenance. Quality Utah asphalt starts with the right design and construction. Proper maintenance is also the key to save money and extend the life of the asphalt instead of replacing it sooner. Utah asphalt contractors can do this best with their expertise and professional workmanship.

If you are interested in asphalt concrete for paving in your home or property, contact a Utah asphalt contractor to find out more on the costs and details of the work in your project.

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