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Have you ever wondered while driving down the road why there are cracks and holes in some parts of the road, but not in others.  Or wondered why the old concrete roads used to make that thump thump thump sound as you drove down the highway.  The holes and cracks and thump thump thump sounds on the road may seem completely random to you, but ask an asphalt paving expert and he or she can likely tell exactly what caused the problem and exactly what it would take to fix it.  You can find a Salt Lake asphalt repair specialist to help you.

Longitudinal Joint Cracks
A longitudinal joint crack is that common crack that seems to divide the left side of the roadway from the right.  At first glance, it almost appears as though the painted dividing line perforated the road and caused the crack to open.  But that is not the case.

A longitudinal joint crack can be caused by not getting enough compaction under the outside edge of the first lane.  Any Utah asphalt paving company should know that one of the major factors in any roadway paving project is getting compaction.  Compaction is basically the amount of pressure a steamroller can put on the asphalt it is steamrolling.  Ideally, the more pressure, the more compaction.

If the surface is completely flat compaction is easier to achieve.  But that is not the case with roads that need to be rounded or sloped on the edges to allow for runoff.  Without careful paving technique the rounded part of the roadway will get less compaction than the flat part.  When this occurs the outside edge of the roadway is weakened and, over time, pulls away from the middle roadway joint causing a crack to occur in the middle of the roadway.

To avoid this problem, a steel wheel roller should be used to roll the asphalt.  As the roller passes over the edge of the asphalt, the roller’s edge should be hanging over the edge of the asphalt around six inches.  This will allow for roughly the same compaction of the rounded edge as for the flat portion of the roadway.

At Eckles Paving Company, we understand the root causes of roadway breakdown.  This allows us to account for and avoid potential problems that may not be seen at the time but could arise in the future.  Contact us today for all of your paving needs.  Eckles Paving can also help you with your Park City asphalt parking lot, for repairs and maintenance.


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