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Much like any structure, pavements also need cleaning to maintain its usable condition and extend its lifespan. Abrasive sand and aggregate, sediments, litter and debris along with the pressure of regular traffic can cause erosion and harm the condition of pavements. Because of these, sweeping is an important task that must be performed on a regular basis. Homeowners associations, commercial centers, parking garages, and other areas with paved properties will do well in investing in a minor weekly, monthly or quarterly cost to protect a long term investment. With regular sweeping, major expenses in resurfacing or replacing can be eliminated or postponed for a long time. It also protects the sealcoat and striping of pavements to last longer.

Pavement sweeping involves brush sweeping parking areas, curbs, and sidewalks. In areas where sweeping cannot be done, debris are blown out and collected. With the use up-to-date equipment, these are accomplished in an efficient and convenient manner. In some cases where dirt or particles have hardened into the surface, scraping is necessary.  Other particular areas and tasks can be defined with every contract.

By employing sweeping services, property managers can ensure their pavements are cleaned and protected as well as keep surroundings well maintained and generally keep the property looking neat and great. 

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