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Remove and Replace Patching

Areas that have significant cracking and/or uneven surface due to subgrade failure must be removed and replaced to keep the effected area from spreading. This method of repair is the most permanent, aesthetically pleasing type of patching, but it can be more expensive. The failed asphalt area will be sawcut and existing asphalt removed. Roadbase will re-compacted (added if needed) and a tack coat applied to the asphalt edge for bonding. New asphalt will be placed and compacted.

Skin Patching

Skin patching attempts to bridge over defects by adding a thin layer of compacted asphalt to the problem area. This application is typically used to repair potholes and settled areas around manholes or catch basins. It is considered a temporary (1-3 year), inexpensive fix. Skin patches will alter the smoothness of your asphalt.
The failed asphalt area will be cleaned of all loose debris. A tack coat will be applied to the existing asphalt for bonding. New asphalt will be placed and compacted.

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