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Salt Lake Sealcoating for Asphalt Pavements

Pavement is an investment that should last more than a lifetime. Starting with the right design and construction, pavements serve functionally and visually to enhance any home and structure. With the rising popularity of using asphalt for both commercial and residential applications, paving is now more affordable and durable. In Salt Lake City asphalt can be used to pave driveways and parking lots in addition to its more common use for road construction.

Protecting your investment in pavement is as important as any investment. When using asphalt for any paving application in Utah, there is one thing that can help maintain its durability and extend its lifespan—Sealcoat. In Salt Lake Sealcoat is recommended by the best contractors when using asphalt. Sealcoat is a liquid material that works as a protective covering for asphalt roads, driveways, parking lots and more. In an area where the climate can be very diverse, this is especially important. Known to have varied climates, Utah can sometimes be extremely hot, extremely cold, and can also be visited by snow, hail, and thunderstorms. The changing temperatures, elements and the varying mineral aggregrates that can be pressed and pushed around on the asphalt and often stuck in it can cause the quality of the asphalt to deteriorate and cause cracks without sealcoat. In essence, Salt Lake Sealcoat is an additional layer that though invisible protects the asphalt pavement by creating a barrier from the elements.

The weather in Utah may be complicated, but installing, using, and maintaining asphalt pavement doesn’t have to be. Use Salt Lake Sealcoat for an excellent and well preserved asphalt pavement. Call Eckles Paving today to find out more about Salt Lake Sealcoat.

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