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Salt Lake Sealcoat

There are many ways you can protect your asphalt surfaces.  The most effective way to protect them and keep them from breaking down is to treat it with a sealcoating.  Sealcoat is also called seal coat depending on the part of the country you live in.  In Utah it is most often one word whereas in other areas of the country it is split into two words.  With construction there are a lot of different terminology for the same thing.  So it is very important to get on the same page when you are talking about a service that is that important.  Eckles Paving is the leader in Utah for any kind of sealcoat service.  Whether you have a small residential project or you own a business with a large asphalt parking lot you need to make sure that you are protecting your investment.  

This picture is an example of a fairly large parking lot.  After the striping has been laid you can add another level of sealcoat that will protect this from the hot and cold temperatures that often hit Utah.  Utah has very hot summers and also very cold winters.  This means that in the summer the asphalt needs to be protected so that the sun won’t break it down too much.  You have probably seen the construction crews out trying to patch up roadways.  This is not the ideal way to keep your asphalt protected.  If you can avoid pot holes in the first place your surface is likely to last a lot longer.  Then when winter comes around you have to worry about them freezing and then thawing out.  Every time this happens the surface is more susceptible to breaking down and being weaker.  If you get a pot hole in the winter it is very difficult to patch up in a way that will last for more than a couple months.  

This is the reason you really need to invest in a good asphalt seal coating.  Sure it can be more money out of your pocket at the start of your project but it will protect your investment.  Asphalt is a very popular material for roadways.  Out of these four, Paver Driveway, Concrete Driveway, Asphalt Driveway, and Gravel Driveway it is almost the least expensive.  Of course with gravel you are not going to get a smooth surface.  Gravel is only used to save money and can’t be used for any roads that will have traffic traveling and any high rates of speed.  

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