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If you are new to construction in the state of Utah you might want to consider hiring Eckles Paving for any of your asphalt or paving needs.  With them you are going to receive top of the line expertise in the paving field.  They have all the tools and materials you need for a successful project.  In fact companies like Geneva Rock often turn to them for help on their projects.  So if you are looking for a Salt Lake City paving contractor you can use the contact form on this site or you can give us a call at any of the three numbers listed here.  

Eckles Paving is not only the top in the field of new construction but they are experts in the asphalt maintenance.  If you want your driveway or parking lot to look good over time you need to make sure that you have a good maintenance plan.  In Utah, asphalt is going to go through many changes throughout the year. In the summer temperatures consistently rise to above 100 degrees.  In the winter they plummet well below freezing.  If you don’t have a qualified company like Eckles Paving you are going to have to repair or replace your asphalt much sooner than you would have hoped.  The Utah asphalt dynamic is truly one that you don’t want someone that doesn’t have a lot of experience working on yours.  It is too costly to let them learn on the job at your expense.  

Salt Lake City Asphalt Parking Lot

One example of the uniqueness of the Utah climate is Park City and other cities close by in Utah.  Park City gets extremely cold in the winter and for weeks on end the temperature doesn’t rise above freezing.  Just 40 minutes away you will find yourself in Utah County and the temperatures are much more moderate.  If you choose a company with less experience they will use the same methods in both areas. This can really be problematic as the areas are very different.  So make sure you hire the right Utah County paving contractor when you are needing work in Utah County and the right asphalt paving for Park City or Summit County.

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