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All paving contractors are not the same.  This is very important to know.  A lot of people will look in the yellow pages and see a nice add for a paving contractor.  They like the ad and they think they company should be trusted because they have a big ad in the yellow pages.  As a consumer you need to know that more research should be done before hiring a paving company to pour your asphalt.  For a lot of residences the driveway is going to be the main reason you will need to hire a paving contractor.  Your driveway is often times the first thing that people will see when they come to your house.  If your driveway has had poor construction after a few years it will show more signs of wear and tear than it should.  

With the climate in Utah going through extremes year round you want to make sure you properly take care of your surface.  A good product that will keep your pavement of concrete looking good and staying together for the longest period of time is a Utah sealcoat.  After Park City Seal Coat was acquired by Eckles Paving the product has become award winning.   The awards have come because of the quality of the service.  It is unmatched in the state of Utah.  This sealcoat can be used for industrial, commercial or residential uses.  

Utah Seal Coating

As you can see from the image above no shortcuts were taken at this residential job.  This was properly installed and the seal coating will protect this for years to come.  This adds to the over look and feel of this home.  This is one of the advantages of getting a local Salt Lake City paving contractor.  There are many Salt Lake City paving companies out there but you need to go with someone that has a history here in the Wasatch front.  Eckles paving is part of the history, especially in Salt Lake City.  Ekcles Paving can serve all of Utah but our specialty is in Utah County and Salt Lake County.  There are so many businesses that count on us to deliver the best product and service so that their clients and customers will keep coming back year after year.  When your customers are happy we are happy.  


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