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Park City Asphalt Parking Lot

Everybody in Utah knows that the temperatures in Utah can be extreme.  In southern Utah, where Lake Powell is a choice recreation area, the temperatures can be extremely hot.  In the summer it isn’t uncommon to see them reach the 110’s.  The water in Lake Powell is a great refuge from such extreme heat.  If you travel north for a few hours and head into the beautiful mountains of Utah you are going to find yourself in extremely cold temperatures in the winter.  Park City, Utah was the home to the 2002 Winter Olympics.  This was a great opportunity for Utah to show the world the majestic view and feel of our mountains.  Thousands from all over the world came to these Olympics and were impressed by what Utah had to offer.  

Companies from all over the United States were brought in to make sure that everything was completed on time and that everybody was going to have a good time.  Most of the out of state companies had to rely on companies like Eckles Paving to show them how to pour asphalt and concrete so that it would look good and even more important last a long time.  Many of the asphalt parking lots in Here is an example of the type of work that you can expect to receive from  This is on a mountain where it isn’t always the easiest to do.  You have to make sure that you have the best type of grading done before you lay any asphalt or concrete for that matter.  Once that is done you need to have the right equipment that can make the surface as smooth as possible.  This not only helps with the aesthetics of your asphalt but will keep it from pot holes and other annoying and costly problems with your driveway or parking lot.  

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