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Park City Asphalt Driveway Project

Park City, Utah is one of the most unique areas to work with asphalt on.  There are so many different factors when working in Park City.  One of the factors that is difficult to work with is the elevation.  As Utah touts itself on its license plates as having the “Greatest Snow on Earth” the best place to ski or snowboard is Park City.  When the world came to Utah in 2002 for the winter Olympics most of the events were held in Summit County.  There were a lot of events that took place in nearby Salt Lake City but the skiing and snowboarding events were held in Park City.  

Eckles Paving have been a leader in all things asphalt for years but with the recent acquisition of Park City Seal Coat we are far and away the leaders.  Here is a great picture of the quality you can expect from an asphalt driveway.  

Mountain Asphalt Driveway

As you can see from this simple picture, this job was in the mountains.  We were able to make the smoothest surface and we were also able to add the curbing on this job.  The customer was extremely satisfied with our workmanship.  We were also able to make minimal impact on the surrounding environment.  It is very important to have a quality driveway when you live in the mountains.  The first reason this is important is for safety reason.  If you cut corners and go with a gravel driveway you run the risk of a washout.  A washout is when your driveway breaks down and ends up at the bottom of the mountain.  This usually makes it very difficult to use the driveway.  If there is a long winter you will have to wait until the spring to make any kind of permanent repairs.  If your mountain home is your only home it will be a very long winter.  

Having a smooth surface will be better on your vehicles as well.  You won’t need to “off road” to get to your house or cabin.  This will save you and your friends and family money on vehicle repairs.  For climates like Park City, Utah an asphalt driveway is recommended over a cement driveway.  It is easier and more cost effective to use asphalt over cement.  Cement doesn’t do as well with freezing and thawing as asphalt does.  If you need to have an area that can expand and contract then it is best to use asphalt.  Asphalt also matches much better with the surrounding environment.  If you have any questions please contact us.  

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