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Freezing Rain Is Bad For Concrete

Recently Utah experienced freezing rain.  Freezing rain is a very uncommon occurrence.  The recent freezing rain was due to the inversion that hits Utah between Thanksgiving and Valentines day.  What happens is that the cold air is caught in the valley.  There are many things to dislike about inversions in Utah and the freezing rain is just another item on the list.  The reason for the freezing rain is that the cold air was trapped in the valley and the air above the valley was much much warmer.  So the rain came for 40 degree temperatures and came down to temperatures in the teens.  This caused the water to freeze immediately when it hit the ground.  

There was black ice everywhere.  Here is the story from the local news about the effects of the freezing rain.  Most people in Utah think that because they stayed home that day and didn’t have a car accident that they escaped the effects of the freezing rain.  If you own a home or a business you have some type of hard surface whether you are using asphalt or concrete.  The freezing rain had a adverse effect on your pavement.  When the rain came down and froze immediately it was making it expand and contract all in a matter of a few seconds.  The continual expanding and contracting of your surface is never a good thing but to have it happen so quickly just makes it much more likely to cause problems in the very near future.  

In fact while you are driving around you are probably noticing the many potholes on the roadways.  These potholes are more than an eyesore.  If you have ever been driving at night and hit a large pothole there is a good chance that it caused a lot of damage to your vehicle.  This is great for mechanics but not so much for you.  In Utah the Department of Transportation is in charge of keeping the roadways in good condition.  If you own your own property with a road you are more than likely to be in charge of the upkeep.  After a Utah winter it is always a good thing to add another sealcoat to your driveway.  This will keep it from deteriorating and will make it last longer.  Of course there is a cost with a new sealcoat but that cost far outweighs the cost of having major repairs.  

Park City Utah Sealcoat

If you own a regular home you have to make sure that your concrete is in properly maintained as well.  We will go into that next week but you have probably seen a driveway that the top of the concrete has chipped off.  This doesn’t look good and if it isn’t repaired properly can cause major repairs in the future.  Eckles Paving is a leader in Salt Lake City and all of Utah for asphalt repairs and has been awarded for being a leader as an asphalt paving contractor.  One thing you need to do in choosing your paving contractor is make sure they know the elements in Utah.  Utah asphalt repair is going to be different depending on where you are at.  If you are in Arizona it will be much different than if you are in the mountains of Utah.

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