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Boulders Damage Requires Emergency Asphalt Repair

In a rural Utah area in Huntington Canyon there were two Boulders that came loose and came crashing down.  As you can see from the image below these boulders were more than twice the size of the first police car that responded after the reports of a damaged road on Route 31 around milepost 27.  

The Utah Highway Patrol was the first to respond to the “rock slide”.  The two huge boulders had fallen from the Gentry Mountain Cliffs. It was close enough to the road that when they came down they caused significant damage to the road.  The UHP had to close the road while an emergency asphalt repair crew came in to make repairs.  As the image below shows the damage was quite significant.

The fortunate news with these boulders is that nobody was traveling on the road at the exact time these came loose.  There were no injuries and the roads were reopened after they were patched up.  There was not a Salt Lake City paving crew sent to this as the location is several hours south of Salt Lake County.  

 With most of the public roadways a company like Eckles Paving is usually not used to do the repairs.  This was promptly taken care of by the Utah Department of Transportation.  They sent a crew down that was able to cut out the damaged part of the road and then fill it in and lay new asphalt.  If this were to happen on your private property you would need to call an expert company like Eckles Paving.  With an A rating with the Better Business Bureau you are sure to get the best service and if you need support after you will get that as well.  A lot of cabins with asphalt driveways can run into these types of problems.  In fact the construction process can often loosen the boulders in the area.  This is common in the Park City asphalt areas.  Park City is beautiful and the limits are often pushed when constructing a winter cabin.  When you do this there can be the negative impact on the area surrounding the cabin.  You want to make sure if something like this happens to you that you select experts to repair it.  In a lot of cases your asphalt can be repaired as if it never happened.  In fact, if you place a Utah sealcoat over all of your asphalt then it will match up much better.  Then you will have the added protection against the freezing and thawing that happens throughout the winter.


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