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Asphalt Repair In Time For Winter

Here in Utah we are very accustomed to long cold winters.  This winter 2012-2013 we have only had one winter storm so far.  As of December 5th it is still raining.  This can be very good for someone that has failed to do their sealcoat service so far this year.  If you have a park city asphalt parking lot it isn’t too late.  Even if you are way up in Logan, Utah you can still get some protection before a potentially long winter ahead of us.  If you already have your seal coat on your asphalt surface you will want to keep an eye out for pot holes.  The earlier you get to them the easier they are to fix and maintain.  

Parking Lot Asphalt Repair

At we are experienced in all aspects of the paving and maintenance process.  So we can handle whatever you need us to do.  If you need late season protection or if you need us to fix the pot holes caused by the Utah winter we are the right company to go with.  In fact many of our clients have used a different company to lay their asphalt down and then use us for the maintenance.  The years of experience is what really sets us apart.  We make sure our customers are happy.   You will notice this when you work with us.  

Another benefit of working with Eckles Paving is the fact we have locations all over the state.  In fact our Utah County asphalt repair crew is the best around.  You won’t find a better more dedicated crew to work on your parking lot or street repair.  A good sealcoat will protect your asphalt from the salt that is often used to combat winter storms in Utah.  Salt is great for melting ice and snow and making the roads a safer place but they do so at a significant impact on asphalt.  The chemical reaction that comes from salt melting snow enables the salt to seep into the asphalt.  Salt and asphalt don’t mix.  This causes the surface, whether it be asphalt or cement, to break down.  Once it has broken down, and has traffic, it becomes much more susceptible to pot holes.  Pot holes are more than just an annoyance.  They can cause major damage to vehicles.  Depending on how the damage occurs you can be held accountable for the repairs.  This can get very costly if you don’t take care of your asphalt and cement surfaces.  You have to be careful even if you only have a Salt Lake City asphalt parking lot.  If you have a large one you can have a lot of traffic.  


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