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Asphalt Parking Lot

The most common parking lots out there today are asphalt parking lots.  There is a good reason for this.  They are very economical when compared to concrete and especially a paver driveway.  After the value you receive from using asphalt you also get to have the longer lasting easier to maintain materials of asphalt.  If your concrete gets chipped up and you want it to look good you are going to have to replace the entire section to get it to look half way normal.  With asphalt you can fix smaller patches and over time will get the same exact look.  This is great for someone with a business that is looking to have a good looking parking lot.  

Recently Eckles Paving did the Acura dealership in Salt Lake City.  This Salt Lake asphalt parking lot looks terrific and will look that way for a long time.  Even with the snowy winters and the hot summers of Utah.  This parking lot was done with precision from start to finish.  One service that is often overlooked when an asphalt parking lot is being installed is the sealcoat service.  Especially for a Utah sealcoat you want to make sure you get the best one available.  This will make it so your asphalt surface will last much longer than one without a good seal coat.  

One thing to remember is that there are many asphalt companies in Utah but all are not equally expert in all aspects of paving as Eckles Paving.  When you go with Utah Asphalt you are getting the right know how for your job.  With decades of experience under their belt there isn’t anything they haven’t seen. There isn’t any project that is too  complicated that they won’t be able to handle.  As experts in both residential and commercial asphalt you are sure to get the service you are looking for.  Even if you have a simple sidewalk project in front of your house or you are building a long asphalt driveway, they can handle it.  Some of the biggest companies in Utah depend on Eckles Paving from start to finish.  Whether it is a brand new project or repairing an old asphalt or concrete surface they can handle the task with the best service available today.  

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