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Asphalt Maintenance with Sealcoating Services

Have you ever wondered why some parking lots hold up better than others?  There can be a number of factors but the most common factor is whether or not the asphalt had a good seal coat placed on it.  A high quality sealcoat can make your asphalt last much longer, especially here in Utah where the weather is constantly changing.  With the long winters it is crucial that you have the best sealcoat possible.  This will make your parking lot last longer and look much better.  

The purpose of a sealcoat is to protect it from oxidation during the summer and to keep it from cracking in the winter.   It will also protect your asphalt from UV rays anywhere.  In places like Phoenix, AZ that have many hot sunny days it is very important to have a good seal coat.  If you are here in Utah and the weather goes from freezing to warm often then you will probably need to apply your sealcoat more often than in more temperate climates.  For example a Park City sealcoat will need to be applied much more often than a sealcoat in a coastal California city.

If you are looking for the best for Utah asphalt repair you need to make sure you are working with someone with experience.  There is too much to risk in taking care of your asphalt.  To find out more about applying your Utah sealcoat contact Eckles Paving.  For more than a century they have been the leader in Utah.  

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