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Asphalt Maintenance Function and Form

For almost any successful storefront or office, it is imperative that the look and feel of the building complex create a first impression of quality and professionalism.  To that end, building owners are usually willing to spend (within reason) the money necessary to give their buildings the facelifts they believe will create the right first impression.  But one sure-fire and relatively easy facelift is often overlooked: The Parking Lot!  There are many Park City asphalt parking lots around that have done this very thing.

The parking lot is usually the first thing a customer or client sees when he or she enters a building complex.  An attractive and well-designed parking lot makes a great first impression and, if built correctly (ie. using Utah Sealcoat, etc.), can be a low cost way to enhance your customer or client’s visit.  This is true whether you are dealing with new parking lot construction or parking lot repavement.  A new surface layer of asphalt can make a building look new.  Adding a new surface to an existing layer of asphalt is called an asphalt overlay which can enhance the look of the parking lot, but should not be used to fix major drainage problems.

Function and Form
When designing any parking lot there are two important factors to consider: Function and Form. You noticed that we put Function before Form in the preceding paragraph.  We did so because when it comes to engineering it is important to emphasize function (the way the parking lot works) over form (the way the parking lot looks).  But at Eckles Paving Company we believe you can have a safe, convenient, efficient parking lot AND a parking lot that looks aesthetically pleasing to customers and clients.

In addition to the above, it is important to make sure the parking lot drains correctly, that the asphalt has the appropriate thickness, that the right type of hot mix asphalt is used, that the asphalt mix is applied at the right temperature and mix consistency, and that parking lot curbs match up to the driving surface.

As a Utah paving company for more than two decades, Eckles Paving Company has experience designing and building every type of parking lot structure.  With asphalt plants throughout the state of Utah, we can ensure that the asphalt mix applied to your parking lot is of the correct temperature and mixture to create the longest lasting and aesthetically pleasing parking lot possible.  Contact Eckles Paving Company today for a quote on design, construction or overlay of your parking lot.


Ways to maintain your asphalt

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