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Have you ever noticed that most of the bigger driveways are made out of asphalt instead of concrete?  There is a great reason for this besides the aesthetic appeal of an asphalt driveway.  You will also save a lot of money over more expensive concrete.  Asphalt driveways are also called black top driveways or macadam driveways.  Depending where you live they will be called different names but they are all the same. One of the biggest reasons to go with asphalt is due to the temperature.  If you live in the south it isn’t very common to see asphalt used.  The most common in the southern United States is concrete.  

The reason that asphalt is used in climates that are cooler is that when there is a freeze and then a thaw asphalt is pliable which makes it much more forgiving.  Concrete isn’t pliable and when it is frozen and then thawed out it is much more susceptible to cracking and needing repair.  For example Park City, Utah has a lot of freezing and thawing.  In the winter the roads and driveways often go weeks without the temperatures reaching above freezing.  This is a major problem and causes a deep freeze.  When the elements thaw out they expand.  The constant expanding and shrinking can cause cracking and making repairs necessary.  So a Park City asphalt driveway is a much better choice because of its flexibility.  It can take the constant expanding and shrinking.  

Eckles Paving Asphalt Prep

 Even though Salt Lake City and Park City are less than 30 miles from each other there is a drastic difference with the temperatures.  Park City is known for the greatest snow on earth.  While there are ski resorts in the mountains above Salt Lake City the valley doesn’t get nearly as much snow and the temperatures don’t get as cold.  This makes it so you might not want to pick a Salt Lake paving company for your asphalt driveway in Park City.  That is the case except when it comes to Eckles Paving.  Eckles paving has partnered with Park City Sealcoat.  These companies combined make them the go to guys for any asphalt or concrete paving job throughout the state of Utah.  You are guaranteed to have experience on your side from the start to the finish of your project.  You can count on them for any part of your project.  If you are having a newly paved parking lot or are in need of repair or asphalt maintenance they will get the job done with the highest quality standards being met.  

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